Chris P Ponting BA MSc DPhil

Computational and Disease Genomics
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PA  Unit Administrative Officer: Emily Frape
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Contact address  MRC Functional Genomics Unit, Department of Physiology Anatomy & Genetics, University of Oxford, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PT, United Kingdom
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Research summary

My group’s research lies at the intersection between computational genomics, evolution and human disease genetics.  Whilst in the past we contributed substantially to the publicly-funded Human Genome Project described in Nature in 2001 & 2004, and performed much of the protein comparisons for mouse, rat, chicken, dog, marsupial, platypus, & songbird genome projects. Our work has the important benefit of reducing the number of animals used in experiments.

Our research is multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary. We seek to understand the roles of proteins, non-coding genes and other functional elements in the evolution, development and disease-susceptibility of humans. We study how our DNA is conserved, with respect to other species, or how it is different among members of our own species. Our computational findings are used to design experiments that elucidate function at different scales, from single bases to whole genomes.

The group is also interested in the prediction of structure, function and evolution of genes of interest to the biomedical community in general, and to the groups of the MRC Functional Genomics Unit in particular. We have contributed, for example, to the understanding of the function and evolution of genes implicated in Aicardi-Goutiere's syndrome (PubMed), obesity (PubMed), schizophrenia and muscular dystrophies. The group is a major contributor to the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre ( which was awarded £5m over 5 years by Parkinson's UK to determine the earliest pathological pathways in Parkinson's disease.


Past Group Members

Richard Emes
Steve Rice
Scott Beatson
Pat Clissold
Nick Dickens
Michael Elkaim
Eitan Winter
Jose Duarte
Zoe Birtle
Jasmina Ponjavic
Duc-Quang Nguyen
Gerton Lunter
Tania Oh
Leo Goodstadt
Martin Goodson
Matt Fujita
Rob Young

Grant Belgard

    Group Members

    • Dr Lesheng Kong, Postdoctoral Researcher
    • Dr Man-Suen Chan, FGU IT Manager
    • Dr Ana Marques, Postdoctoral Fellow
    • Dr Luis Sanchez-Pulido, Postdoctoral Fellow
    • Dr Siarhei Maslau, Postdoctoral Researcher
    • Dr David Brawand, Postdoctoral Fellow
    • Dr Tamara Sirey, Postdoctoral Researcher
    • Dr Keith Vance, Postdoctoral Researcher
    • Dr Wilfried Haerty, Postdoctoral Researcher
    • Dr Christoffer Nellaker, Research Fellow
    • Dr Giuseppe Gallone, Postdoctoral Researcher
    • Dr Michael Clark, CJ Martin Biomedical Fellow
    • Hyun Ji Noh, Graduate Student
    • Chris Rands, Graduate Student
    • Jennifer Tan, Graduate Student
    • Yang Li, Graduate Student
    • Vladislava Chalei, Graduate Student
    • Claudia Wehrspaun, Graduate Student
    • Harry Clifford, Graduate Student
    • Xiaoming Hu, Graduate Student
    • Quentin Ferry, Graduate Student